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Can’t get Snap-on Smile, will Lumineers work?

I was going to get Snap-on Smile. We had everything ready to go and then I found out I wasn’t a good candidate. So, now I’m back to square one. My dentist has been learning to do Lumineers. Will this work for me? I don’t really want braces. i’d feel stupid at my age. I guess I should tell you whats wrong with my smile. I’ve got a large gap in my front teeth about 9-10 mm. And my teeth are pretty stained.

Dennis T.- Michigan


I’m really glad you wrote. Let me save you some heartbreak and expense. The better question to ask is not whether Lumineers will work for you (which in this case they won’t), but which dentist to see for cosmetic work.

I think your dentist is probably a great family dentist, and it sounds like he’s beginning to learn cosmetic procedures, but your case needs an experienced and artistic cosmetic dentist.  A tooth gap your size is enough to fit a whole other tooth into, which would look really weird.

Now, I know you said you didn’t want to wear braces. Did you mean just traditional braces, or do you include Invisalign with that? No one would know you were wearing Invisalign. It is possible for you to do Invisalign and whiten your teeth simultaneously.

As far as porcelain veneers go it is possible to fix your smile with them, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the Lumineers brand. Most really artistic cosmetic dentists do not choose that brand. They tend to be bulky and dull. The best thing for you to do is find the best cosmetic dentist you can and let him decide which brand would best fit what kind of smile you’re looking for.

To find a great cosmetic dentist in your area look on the mynewsmile.com website. They recommend expert cosmetic dentists by state.

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