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What to do about a cracked veneer

I have what appears to be a tiny crack on my porcelain veneer. It is on the front tooth. I’ve had the veneers for about eleven years now. My dentist thinks they will last for a long time still and says there is nothing that needs to be done at this time. Do you agree with that or is he just saying it because it is hard to replace them?

Tina A.- Pennsylvania


It is not hard to replace porcelain veneers. As I say that, I realize I should qualify the statement. It is not hard for an expert cosmetic dentist to replace a porcelain veneer. You’ll know more about your dentist than I will.

Porcelain can develop small cracks and the veneer be perfectly fine. The important part is the bonding. That is what gives your veneer its strength on your teeth.  Bear in mind that I haven’t seen your case, not even in pictures, but that being said I agree with your dentist. Your veneers are probably fine and will last for many more years.

However, I’ll understand if you want to keep a sharp eye on things. Here is something you can do. Get a small flashlight and shine the light across the porcelain veneer toward your gums. This clearly shows any cracks and/or craze lines. If you know exactly what is there, you can monitor them yourself ahead of time.

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