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Dentist and I in disagreement about smile makeover

I want to get a smile makeover and I know exactly what I want my smile to look like. My dentist thinks the smile I want is too white for “my age”.  To be frank, if I wanted to look my age, I wouldn’t be getting a smile makeover to begin with. How can I convince him this is OK?

Marigold L. – Texas


You probably can’t. It sounds like you have a decent general dentist who just hasn’t had a lot of training in cosmetic procedures. In dental school, we’re taught that the dentist always knows best, but cosmetic dentistry is different.

The best cosmetic dentists listen to what their patients want. Our job is to make you so thrilled with your new smile that you can’t stop using it. We want you smiling all the time.

It’s perfectly acceptable for someone of mature years, which I’m assuming you are just based on what your dentist said, to have a white smile.

You need to switch dentists. Go to mynewsmile.com and see who they recommend for your area. Anyone recommended on that site are both skilled and artistic.

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