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Is bone grafting really necessary?

I wanted to get dental implants and my dentist said that I have to have bone grafting done first. That seems like it is just adding expense and I’m really ready and anxious to get rid of these dentures. Is that something that is really necessary?

Greg H. – Baltimore


It depends on your situation. If your dentist is requiring bone grafter, than it is likely that he fears it would fail without it.

For dental implants to work, you have to have enough healthy bone structure to retain them. If you’ve had dentures for any real length of time, then you probably have degraded bone structure.

That is common with denture wearers, because your body resorbs your bone structure when your teeth are removed.

Getting bone grafting will build up your bone enough to get those dental implants and finally toss the dentures.

If you’re worried it isn’t necessary in your case, then you could get a second opinion by a dentist who examine you.

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