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My Dentures Look Like Chiclets

I had to get dentures. My dentist said he could make them look natural and even better than my original teeth.  I told him the only change to my teeth I’d like is for them to look a little whiter. They’re so white, they look like chiclet gum. Will the color settle down?

Amelia L. – Idaho


Very sorry for your experience. Sometimes, if your teeth were whitened with something similar to Zoom Whitening, you will get some color settling, but the color on dental work, such as dentures, crowns, or veneers is fairly permanent. The only way to change the color is to have the dentures re-done.

If they look like chiclets, it would tell me that they’re also quite opaque. Dentures (or any other dental work) should look natural, which would mean there would be some translucence to the dentures.

If the color is too bright and the teeth are opaque I’d say you don’t have a very artistic dentist. It’s possible he could do better the second time, but that really might be the extent of his skill.

You may have to try a different dentist to get better results.

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