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Dentist says amalgam fillings are better

I need to get a couple of fillings. I wanted to get white fillings, but my dentist says the old amalgam ones are better. I just didn’t want a bunch of  silver in my mouth. Are the old ones really better?

Lyric A. – Pittsburgh


It is more likely that your dentist is just unfamiliar with the procedure to place white (composite) fillings. Until very recently, dental schools didn’t teach composite fillings, which requires a separate type of bonding process.  That means that there are many dentists, who have not taken the additional training necessary for the process. It sounds like your dentist is one of those.

I wouldn’t push him into the procedure. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. It could cause some problems for you if he makes a mistake. Instead, I would look for a mercury free dentist. They’ll have the necessary training and experience to give you white (composite) fillings.

I’d like to address your dentist’s accusation, which isn’t true.  Composite filings are actually better for your teeth. They bond directly to your tooth, which makes it stronger and less material has to be dug out of your tooth.

If you want to stay with your dentist for cleanings, that is fine, but I’d go to a different dentist for fillings.

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