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Must I get Lumineers on bottom teeth?

I’m getting Lumineers on my upper teeth. My dentist insists I get them on my bottom teeth, because their color is so stained. But I just can’t afford to get them on the top and bottom. I am mostly concerned about the upper teeth. Is there no way to get lumineers without doing the lower ones too?

Elijah – Hawaii


Yes, there is a very easy way to get Lumineers on just your top arch–get a different dentist. This one is not only not listening to you, he’s not being honest.

You don’t have to get lumineers on both arches. Even if the color is a stark difference  from your lumineers, there is a simple, much less expensive solution. You could simply whiten your bottom teeth to match your lumineers.

I get very frustrated when dentists try to pressure patients into unnecessary procedures.

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