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Don’t want to grind my teeth down for veneers

I’m getting a smile makeover. My dentist wants me to get Lumineers so as not to have my teeth ground down, but I have heard there are a lot of complaints about Lumineers. Is there a way to get a good brand of porcelain veneer without grinding down my teeth?

Heather M. – Ft. Worth, TX


I’m glad to hear that you’re concerned about Lumineers. Too many people just gullibly believe whatever any general dentist says to them. Fortunately, you’ve done some research.

Lumineers require you to use their lab, which isn’t the most artistic. Your dentist isn’t being  completely forthright with you. Your teeth don’t get ground down for porcelain veneers. They do for dental crowns, but that isn’t even close to the same thing. There will be some slight shaving of your teeth. It is about the width of a fingernail. You’ll really not be able to tell the difference in depth between a prepared and unprepared tooth.

Though Lumineers can sometimes be placed without any tooth preparation, the results often look bulky.

My suggestion is you find a more artistic and knowledgeable cosmetic dentist before you have your smile re-done.  Check on the mynewsmile website to see who they recommend in your area. They’re very particular about which dentists they’ll recommend. They must demonstrate not only technical knowledge and skill, but also artistry.

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