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I hate, hate, hate my porcelain veneers

I spent more money than I can handle typing to get porcelain veneers, but they are almost worse than my normal teeth. I am so disappointed. I thought these were supposed to make your teeth gorgeous? I told my dentist I wasn’t happy and he says they’re beautiful. What do I do?

Gina E. – Baltimore


Did your dentist let you see the veneers before he bonded them onto your teeth?  I have a strong suspicion that your dentist isn’t a very good cosmetic dentist and here is why…

When a true cosmetic dentist would never tell a patient that their porcelain veneers  are beautiful when the patient thinks they’re unattractive.

Generally, a cosmetic dentist will try your veneers on with a temporary paste. They want you to have plenty of time to make sure you love them. If not, they would never force them on you, but go back to the drawing board.

Unfortunately, if your dentist has permanently bonded them on, then there isn’t much you can do except get all new porcelain veneers.  Preferably from a different, more skilled, dentist.

If they’re really bad, you can go to another cosmetic dentist and get a second opinion. If the dentist agrees with you, then he can help you get at least a partial refund.

To make that work, you’ll need to go to a dentist in a different city and not tell him who your dentist is. That way you’re more likely to get an honest second opinion.

Your dentist will care what one of his peers thinks.

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