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Got Lumineers, but my gums are turning gray

I got a set of Lumineers. I was pretty happy with them, even though they are a little bulkier than I expected.  The one thing that has me concerned is that my gums are turning gray.  Is something wrong?

Jane B. – Connecticutt


You’re very observant, and it’s a good thing you are too.  That graying of your gums is an indication of their health.  It is likely that your lumineers were overcountoured in the area of your gumline and it’s having a negative impact on their health.

Lumineers are particularly prone to this problem, so you dentist has to take extra care with them.

I suggest you get a second opinion from a highly skilled cosmetic dentist. If they determine the problem is the Lumineers it’s likely you can get a refund and have them re-done properly.  You may want to go to a different dentist this time.

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