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How to get rid of stains on dental bonding

I have two front teeth that are bonded and have a little stain on them. I had my teeth cleaned recently and the tentist was not able to get all the stain off. Is there something you can recommend to remove this stain. It doesn’t look nice and of course I would like them to. Thank you very much for your help.
– Cheryl from California

I hope I’m understanding your situation correctly. It seems that you are saying that you have bonding work on your front teeth and that bonding work is stained, and your dentist couldn’t get that stain off.

Dental bonding is a composite material, and there are many different brands with different properties. Whether or not the stain can be removed depends on the material and the type of stain.

Most of the staining will be superficial – a dark stain adheres to the surface of the bonding. This type can always be polished off. However, dentists that are not highly attuned to aesthetic issues will be uncomfortable doing that.

In some cases, composites will absorb stain, which means that the stain penetrates into the material. This, naturally, can’t be polished off. Some of the surface may be able to be removed and the composite re-surfaced, which will remove the stain and freshen its appearance.

And, with some older formulas of composite, there are ingredients called tertiary amines that will cause the color to degrade over time, causing a yellowish-brown cast to the restoration. That type of color change will thoroughly permeate the entire restoration, and the only way to resolve the problem will be to replace the entire restoration.

Your key is to find an expert cosmetic dentist who will be able to correctly evaluate your situation and take care of the problem.

If the staining is a persistent problem, porcelain veneers may be your solution. They are extremely stain resistant – more so, even, than natural teeth.

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