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My composite fillings hurt

I have at least 4 composite fillings some upper and some lower …when i am outside in winter for an hour or two my teeth do not bother me at all but after i come inside for awhile (maybe half hour ) they will take into shooting pain in my upper and lower jaw for about half hour to an hour then they go back to normal …they do not bother me when i drink hot or cold liquid ..also i noticed in the last month that if i eat sweets like chocolate the fillings seem to be sensitive as well ..fillings range from one year to about four..seeking your help.
Thanks Winston from New Brunswick

I can’t tell what’s wrong with your white composite fillings without examining you myself, but I can try to be helpful.

The pain from the change in temperature is most likely because the teeth are extra sensitive due to some type of irritation. There could be decay under the fillings, or an exposed root surface that is sensitive, or something else.

The pain from sweets is a classic sign of a leaky filling. The sugar will percolate into the tooth between the filling and the tooth and cause sensitivity. Replacing the fillings should solve that.

I am concerned that fillings that are from one to four years old would be leaking already, if that is truly what is happening. It makes me wonder if they were bonded correctly. I’d get a second opinion from some other dentist, other than the dentist who put them in.

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