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Lumineers or Another Brand?

I really wanted to get Lumineers. I love the smiles I see in their advertisements. Yet, when I do research on them the reviews are quite mixed. I can’t decide if they are the right brand to get or not. I like the idea of the no prep part. It sounds like it would be better for my teeth. I just don’t want to make a mistake. Any advice?


Dear LeeAnne,
Lumineers Advertisement

You are sort of on the right track here, but you’re asking the wrong question. Lumineers are highly marketed, but not just to potential patients. They are marketed even more to inexperienced cosmetic dentists. They tell the dentists they’re easy to place because they can be placed with no tooth preparation.

However, that doesn’t always work out best for the patient. No matter how thin something is, you are still adding it to your teeth. Even a millimeter or two will add bulk to your teeth. Depending on your teeth this could end up looking quite bulky. Some disappointed patients have even described them as having horse teeth. Minimal tooth preparation can prevent that.

Question the Dentist Not the Lumineers

The more important question is who should design your smile makeover, not which brand you should use. Look at it this way. If you hire two artists to do a portrait of the same woman, will they both end up looking exactly the same? Of course not! Each artist has their own style and, quite frankly, one of them is likely more skilled than the other.

A great dentist can take any brand and make it beautiful. They just have the training and skills to make beauty. That being said, Lumineers has one big problem— its lab. The DenMat Company, which owns the brand, requires dentists to use their lab. Unfortunately, their lab is known for sub-par work. It is always better if a dentist can pick the ceramist they want to work with. They know their strengths and weaknesses and will know which one will give better results.

Finding the Right Dentist to do Your Smile Makeover

There are many brands of porcelain veneers, all with different strengths. A skilled cosmetic dentist knows them well. You want that cosmetic dentist. They’ve done significant post-doctoral studies in dental aesthetics. Not only that, but you’ll want them to have an artistic eye with their work as well. It’s nearly impossible for a patient to do all that research.

Fortunately, you don’t have to. There is a website called mynewsmile.com. They’ve thoroughly vetted any dentist who wants to be listed on their site. They have to demonstrate both technical skill and an artistic eye. They can’t just pay to get on the site.

If you’re looking for a stunning smile makeover, I’d go with one of their recommended dentists. They’ll go over what type of smile design you want, give recommendations based on your facial structure, etc. Then get to work. Trust them to pick the brand.

I hope this helps with your conundrum.
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