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Will teeth whitening make my brown teeth lighter?

I’m wondering if teeth whitening will lighten 3 of my top front teeth that are brown. They are really ugly, so I make sure I don’t show my teeth when I smile. I used to think the teeth were rotten, but they haven’t gotten worse and they don’t hurt. I’m not sure what’s wrong with then. I am wondering if I can use teeth whitening on them to at least lighten the color, even if they never get white? Thanks. Nibila

Nibila – Your teeth need to be examined to determine why they are brown and whether or not bleaching them is the right treatment.

What Causes
Tooth Discoloration?

Will Teeth
Whitening Help?

Some skilled cosmetic dentists are successful in using powerful teeth whitening treatment to break up internal stains in your teeth. Sometimes, whitening treatment can even be effective on tough tetracycline stains. But this treatment should only be attempted by a dentist.

You mentioned that only three of your teeth are brown, which
suggests the cause of the color is internal—possibly due to a medical condition,
certain medications, or a condition inside the teeth.

Don’t attempt to resolve the color issue on your own. If teeth whitening treatment is not the correct way to improve the color, you can cause more harm and discolor your teeth even further. Alternative cosmetic dentistry treatment, such as porcelain veneers, might provide the best results.

We suggest that you schedule an appointment with an
experienced cosmetic dentist or an examination. He or she will let you know
your treatment options.

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