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Traveling for Better Dental Implants

I have a question about traveling for dental implants. I’m not referring to tourism dentistry, which I know is dangerous, but rather within the United States. There aren’t any great options for dentists who do dental implants in my area. Most of them don’t have a very high success rate. I’ve done some research and there’s a dentist in my sister’s area who’s an extraordinary dentist, both in cosmetics and dental implants. According to my research, people travel from all over the world to get their work done by him. Is it safe for me to travel just to another state for dental implants? I know there’s always a possibility there can be complications so I didn’t know if that would affect my plans. What’s your opinion?


Dear Catherine,

I’m glad you know not to take part in the dental tourism rage. I know people think they’re saving money, but in reality, they’re putting themselves in danger. There aren’t any safety measures in most of those countries the way we have here. There are reduced standards in sterilization and quality. In some of the countries, like Mexico, sterilization is completely up to the dentist. In other cases, there’s no recourse if things go awry. Again, it’s completely up to the dentist if he wants to fix anything or just leave you in a mess. Many of those dentists will just pack up and move to another location if they get too many complaints.

What you’re planning, though, is completely safe, as long as you take a few preparatory precautions.

Things to Consider When Traveling for Dental Implants

It seems like you’ve already done this, but I’ll expound on it for the sake of others who may be reading. You want to be certain the dentist has a good track record with the dental implant procedure. Look at their reviews. Check with the dental board and the Better Business Bureau, and look at photos of the dentist’s work in order to be sure you like the way the implant crown will look and you’ll be happy with your smile.

Another thing to ask about is how many procedures they’ve done. Studies indicate that the more dental implants they perform, the higher the success rate they have. No dentist worth his or her salt should mind any of these questions.

Because you’re going to be returning home, you want to have a plan in case you something goes awry. A dentist can do everything correctly and some bodies just reject the implant. Know ahead of time if you’re having trouble whether he will want you to come back for a visit immediately or he’d be willing to do a phone consultation first to see what steps you need to take.

Altogether, the dental implant procedure should take about a year. You’ll have to make several visits. If you plan carefully with the dentist, he or she should be able to consolidate some of these visits or time them in a way to make them as easy on you as possible.

You mentioned you’re going to your sister’s area. Ideally, you should stay with her for a little bit after the implant surgery to have a safe place to heal.

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