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Allergic reaction to porcelain fused to metal crown

I had a glass crown with metal fitted on my front tooth in November 2010.I recently noticed a brown discoloration between the crown and the gum margin. I thought that the crown had separated from the gum. I visited my dentist two weeks ago. He said that I had severe gum inflammation. He told me to apply an anti-inflammatory preparation for a week and then to report back to him. […]

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How can I whiten my porcelain veneer? It has started to darken.

I have had one veneer done on my front tooth about 7 years ago, My dentist did such a fabulous job, you can’t even tell one of my front teeth was fake. This past year however, there is darkening up at the gumline. When a picture is taken of me the one front tooth looks smaller than the other. What can I do rewhiten the top of the veneer by my […]

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