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Naperville cosmetic dentist on implants and other tooth replacement options

Naperville Cosmetic Dentist Discusses Replacement Options for Missing Teeth

Naperville implant dentist David Newkirk, DDS lists some of the most sought-after options to replace missing teeth and restore oral function.  Naperville, IL – According to Dr. David Newkirk – a Naperville cosmetic dentist with nearly three decades in practice – missing teeth are a widespread problem in the United States. “Even a single missing tooth can adversely affect both oral function and the appearance of the smile,” he states, […]

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One tooth on the bridge looks darker

I have a 3 tooth bridge placed on front teeth. Material used was all porcelain. The dark pontic shows through the crown on one tooth therefore gives a gray appearance to that tooth. It looks awful. Fortunately bridge was placed w/ temporary cement to see how I like it. Why is the dark shadow showing through & what can be done to correct it? – Liz from Tennessee Liz, You […]

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My dental bridge doesn’t look natural any more. Options?

I have a bridge on my top front teeth, (3 on bridge.) The bridge is over 20 years old but looks relatively good for that age. However, it has yellowed with age and coffee and where the veneer has started to wear, if you look closely, you can see a tiny bit of metal between the teeth. Also, where the natural teeth are missing, the gum area is sunken and […]

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I’ve inherited bad teeth

I have inherited bad teeth, at age 44 they are chipping, filled and discolored. I have had 3 root canals, 2 crowns and many fillings. Actually so many fillings the tooth walls are thin. I must be very careful how I brush, floss and eat as I never know when one or more are going to break off. (Not to mention the pain involved) I am wondering as the teeth […]

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Do I need a graft to build up the gum before getting a bridge?

I had a upper molar extraction done on March 12, 2010. The same day the dentist installed a temporary bridge to prevent my teeth from shifting. Now, 4 months later, the extraction site has a crater in it still (but is healed) and the dentist is recommending skin graft surgery to fill in the hole so that the bridge won’t have a space between the fake tooth and the gumline. […]

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