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Getting rid of brown spots

I’ve had brown spots on my teeth since I was a child. They really embarrass me. My dentist has been trying all kinds of whitening, but it only makes the area around the brown spots whiter making the spots MORE noticeable. She is thinking of trying to grind off the brown spots, but we’re both hesitant because we don’t know how much she’d have to grind. Do you have recommendations? […]

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Root canal without pain

How can I need a root canal if I’ve never had any pain in my tooth? My dentist said that my tooth is infected and needs a root canal and a crown. I’ve never felt any pain in the area at all. That tooth is a little darker than the others, but that is it. Mason L- West Virginia, Mason, It is possible you had hit that tooth many years […]

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One Opaque Tooth

I have translucent teeth expcept for one of my top front teeth, which is opaque. When I look at pictures of my youth, both top front teeth were white. I did not fall or have any trauma to the tooth. I am not having success with whitening my translucent teeth to bring them up to the opaque tooth. Having this one opaque tooth ruins my smile. Would an in office […]

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