Dentist Humliated Me Over Wanting Dentures

I’ve had three pregnancies that had me so sick I was hospitalized all three times. It played havoc on my teeth. I’ve spent a fortune and haven’t even scratched the surface. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m only going in for dental emergencies. I can’t keep living this way. I finally went to the dental office and said I just want to remove my teeth and get dentures. He […]

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Am I Too Old for Dental Implants?

I had my teeth replaced years ago with dentures. I don’t think dental implants existed back then, or at least he never mentioned them to me. They haven’t been the best thing in my life. They were ugly, looking almost wooden, but served their purpose so I put up with them. Now they’re no longer serving me well. In fact, I’m having a hard time even keeping them in. My […]

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Is My Dentist or My Filling the Problem?

I’m trying to figure out where the problem lies. I wanted a white filling instead of a silver one. I know it sounds vain, but I’m tired of obvious fillings and wanted something that matched my teeth. I told my dentist. He wasn’t too keen on the idea and told me they have problems. None of my friends with white fillings seem to have problems with them, so I decided […]

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Image of mercury-free composite filings

Nephew Still Getting Mercury Fillings in Violation of Treaty

Can you help me understand this? I read on a natural news site a couple of years ago that the US signed a treaty agreeing to phase out the use of mercury. People were having to petition the FDA because no one was taking any action. Yet, today, my sister tells me that her pediatric dentist wants to place a mercury filled filling on her son. Haven’t we dealt with […]

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A Second Opinion on Lumineers

I need an opinion from a dentist who doesn’t have a dog in the fight. I want to get porcelain veneers. My dentist wants me to get Lumineers. He says with any other brand he’d have to grind my teeth down. I don’t want that. But, I’ve heard Lumineers don’t look that great. He said he’s certified so they’ll look great. I just want to see what another dentist thinks […]

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A porcelain veneer being placed

After Getting Porcelain Veneers My Teeth are Three Colors! Help Me Please!

I need some help. I have always had unhappy teeth. They’re stained and one of my front teeth kind of overlaps the other one. My dentist said we’ll just make the “under” one (meaning the tooth that is being overlapped) thicker to match. She placed four veneers on my teeth. I’ve had some problems with the veneers since the beginning. First, she put the “under” one on a little crooked, […]

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Beautiful White Teeth

Can You Damage Enamel By Whitening Your Teeth Too Much?

The first time I saw my wife, she was covered in mud from head to foot from a powder puff football game played in the rain. The only thing not caked in mud were her teeth. Let me tell you, her smile was radiant. I fell instantly in love. I’m still in love with both her and her smile to this day. I say that as a preface because I’m […]

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Naperville Dentures

Dentures at 25 Would Be a Disaster!

I grew up never going to the dentist. I’m 25 years old now. It’d never been a problem until a few months ago. I had a tooth start bothering me. I saved up and went to the dentist. He offered to look at all my teeth seeing as it was my first dental visit. I agreed. When he was finished, he told me my teeth were a disaster and I […]

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Can You Switch to Dental Implants After Getting Dentures?

I’ve had dentures for a bit. I kept thinking I’d get used to them because my dentist kept saying I would. However, I haven’t been able to. The worst part is eating. Not only does food get under the dentures but I haven’t been able to eat well since getting them. I’m hoping it’s not too late to switch to dental implants. What do you think? Franny M. Dear Franny, […]

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Gorgeous smile created by Dr. Newkirk

Help! I Look Like I Have George Washington’s Wooden Teeth

I’m in tears. I was in an accident that caused me to lose three front teeth. My dentist suggested a removable partial denture. I had no idea how fake they’d look or I’d never have agreed. My front teeth look practically wooden. Is there any other option or am I stuck with these for the rest of my life? Please help. Sandy M. Dear Sandy, Based on your question, it […]

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