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How to Fix a Chipped Tooth

A chipped tooth can be the result of several factors, including injuries, accidents, tooth decay, or simply biting down too hard when eating. Regardless of the cause, anyone who’s suffered from a chipped tooth knows this condition can both cause discomfort and disrupt the quality of the smile. Thankfully, chipped teeth are generally treatable in the hands of a top cosmetic dentist like David R. Newkirk, DDS. With nearly 30 […]

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porcelain crown being placed on a tooth

When a Crown Feels Off

I have a dental crown that feels off. My dentist has tinkered with it and says there is nothing wrong. I can’t explain exactly what feels off, it just does. My dentist thinks I am just not used to having a dental crown there, but this isn’t my first crown. Is this in my mind or should I pursue it further? Meagan Dear Meagan, I would follow up with this […]

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Crowning a live tooth

Is it normal to crown a live tooth? My dentist put a crown on a molar that didn’t have a root canal. I’ve just never heard of that before. Nancy G.- Alabama Nancy, Yes, it is pretty common to put a dental crown over a tooth without a root canal treatment.  We do that whenever there is a significant risk that the tooth can break. This protects the tooth. The […]

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Can I order my own crowns?

Are there any laws, restricting me from ordering my own crowns or veneers in the state of Louisiana ? Why is there virtually no affordable comprehensive dental care in the USA? I am a Lupus patient, after many years of treatment my teeth have also suffered. I have done a good job of caring for my teeth through the years. I still have my back molars on three sides and […]

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A lot of plaque buildup on my new crown. Why?

Three weeks ago a permanent crown was cemented onto my lower back tooth. It apparently isn’t the same shape my natural tooth was. Floss gets caught; it doesn’t move smoothly back up the tooth. I can also feel what seems to be a gap in the back; it’s tender between the crown and my gum. I went to my dentist for a follow up yesterdaty. He said the crown is […]

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