His Full Mouth Reconstruction is Going Badly

I need some help. I am having a full-mouth reconstruction done with a mixture of crowns and bridges along with one dental implant. The temporary ones seemed fine, but somewhere between there and the permanent restorations something went wrong. Some of my teeth are hitting each other and some aren’t. My jaw seems slanted and hurts all the time. I talked to my dentist about it but all he wants […]

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before and after dental bonding on a chipped tooth

How Do I Whiten My Dental Bonding?

I have had dental bonding for a bit over six months. It is already picking up stains. What is the best whitening gel for dental bonding? Caroline Dear Caroline, By whitening gel, I am assuming you mean a teeth whitening brand. Unfortunately, even professional teeth whitening will only work on natural tooth structure. It does not help with any type of dental work, including dental bonding. A lot of what […]

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porcelain crown being placed on a tooth

Crowns Don’t Match My Teeth

I have a disaster going on that I don’t know how to handle. My two front teeth had zirconia crowns put on them by my dentist. They didn’t match very well and he realized that so he sent me to a prosthodontist, which he said was an expert in tooth restorations. I was excited about that, but it ended up being worse than my original dentist. I used some dental […]

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An illustration of a dental implant next to a natural tooth.

Sinus Perforation During Dental Implants

I had a dental implant placed and things did not go as expected. The bone never integrated with the dental implant so he had to remove it. He did tell me that the sinus cavity had been perforated by a few millimeters, but that it was a common thing to happen. The one thing I don’t understand is why he didn’t give me an antibiotic until I developed an infection, […]

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A single porcelain veneer being placed on a tooth

Porcelain Veneer Fell Off Twice

I had four porcelain veneers placed for my front teeth. I’m having a couple of issues even a few weeks out even though he told me these would last for ten years. First, I wasn’t thinking about how wide my smile was so the teeth next to the porcelain veneers look very dark comparatively. If I whiten my teeth will it damage the porcelain veneers? My second issue is a […]

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teeth whitening trays

Teeth Whitened to Match Eye Balls?

Is it possible for me to whiten my teeth enough for them to match my eyeballs? I know that is a tall order. It may be unrealistic. I just wanted to see if it was even a possibility before I made it a goal. Patty Dear Patty, That is an interesting question. Technically, we haven’t found a limit to how white teeth can get. There isn’t really a secret to […]

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Will Dentures Make Me Ugly?

My dentist said if I got dentures, I’d end up ugly. My teeth are falling apart so I need to replace them. Are dental implants my only option to still be attractive? I’m 32 so I don’t want to be hideous, but they’re so expensive. Missy Dear Missy, I’m curious about the motivation behind your dentist’s statement that you would be ugly with dentures. If he’s saying the dentures themselves […]

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dental implant next to natrual teeth

Baby Canine Teeth at 16 Years Old

I have senior pictures coming up next year and I want to look good for them.  Last year I discovered that my canine teeth on the bottom and top are still baby teeth. I had the bottom ones removed. While one of the adult canines was close, the other one came in sort of behind the tooth next to it. The gap looks like I don’t have a tooth there […]

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Teeth being prepped for porcelain veneers

Porcelain Veneers and Root Canal Treatments

I had four porcelain veneers placed. Now I have a periapical abscess in one of them and am wondering how to keep the veneer from being ruined. My dentist is sending me to a root canal specialist to have this done and I don’t know if it should be different with a porcelain veneer. Any advice? Laurie Dear Laurie, I can definitely help you here. I am curious, though, why […]

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A porcelain veneer being placed

Dentist’s Disastrous Treatment Plan

I went to see my dentist to get a crown and veneer placed and I have some concerns about his suggested treatment plan. First, some background. I have one dental crown and three porcelain veneers. The reason I wanted the crown replaced is two-fold. First, it has never looked that great. Second, now there is a dark line at the gumline. The porcelain veneer I want to be replaced is […]

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