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A porcelain veneer being placed

Why Does the Cosmetic Dentist Matter if they Outsource their Ceramic Work

I’m planning on getting a smile makeover with porcelain veneers. Everyone keeps warning me that I have to choose the cosmetic dentist carefully. I would understand that if I were getting dental bonding, which the dentist does himself. But, I’m getting porcelain veneers. Isn’t that sent out to a ceramist to do the work? Why would the dentist matter? Corrie Dear Corrie, You’ve asked a good question. You’re right that […]

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Left: porcelain crown; Right: porcelain veneer

Can a Cosmetic Dentist Match One Crown?

I had crowns done many years ago on all my teeth. One of them felt loose last week so I scheduled an appointment with a new cosmetic dentist. He told me the crown needed to be replaced. That didn’t surprise me given its age. What did surprise me was he said I’d need to replace all of them in order for them to match. I was shocked to think he […]

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Woman with a beautiful smile created by cosmetic dentist Dr. David Newkirk

Confusion Regarding Lumineers

Can you help me understand why some cosmetic dentists swear by Lumineers and others think they’re the worst? Terri B. Dear Terri, There is a wide variation of abilities among cosmetic dentists. Some are just after functionality, while others want their work to be aesthetically beautiful as well. When it comes to things like getting a smile makeover, you definitely want to end up with the latter dentist. The “controversy” […]

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Woman holding her jaw in pain

I think I may have made a mistake choosing my dentist

One month ago, I went to a cosmetic dentist for a sile makeover. The dentist completed 12 lower crowns and 6 veneers on the front upper teeth. I’ve been in pain ever since and generally can’t even chew. My dentist she said to take ibuprofen for a few weeks because so much work was done in such a short amount of time. Also one of the teeth that hurts does not touch […]

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How do I get a movie star smile?

Celebrities have such perfect teeth. How do they get them? Is it just teeth whitening? Amanda B. – Benton, AR Amanda, While some celebrities might be able to get those perfect teeth with just teeth whitening, that is not very common.  You would have to have perfect teeth, with just some staining for that to work.  Instead many celebrities, including such big names as Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise get […]

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