I’ve inherited bad teeth

I have inherited bad teeth, at age 44 they are chipping, filled and discolored. I have had 3 root canals, 2 crowns and many fillings. Actually so many fillings the tooth walls are thin. I must be very careful how I brush, floss and eat as I never know when one or more are going to break off. (Not to mention the pain involved) I am wondering as the teeth […]

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Should I have the root canal or the extraction?

I recently cracked part of a filling off of my back left molar during chewing. The dentist could not see any cracks on the xray. The tooth is mostly old filling. I was hoping to just leave it alone, but this week I have bitten down on food with i! t twice and had excrutiating pain that lasted a couple of minutes. I have been experiencing headaches as well this […]

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