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Need better veneers than my sister

When I got engaged, my sister got engaged and then scheduled her wedding for a month before mine. My whole life she’s been trying to upstage me. Well, last week she did it again. I mentioned I was going to get porcelain veneers a couple of months ago. The next thing I know she shows up at my house with veneers on her teeth!  The only consolation I have is […]

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Fixing a broken partial denture

I have a partial that is made with metal. The bar that holds the 3 teeth together broke so now 2 are together and the other is separated. Is this repairable? I need to get it fixed because these are front teeth and I look awful. – Daron from Alabama Daron, I’m not sure I’m understanding the configuration of this partial denture. I’ll guess that you have a removable partial […]

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