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Can you put porcelain veneers over composite fillings?

My dentist says that you cannot put veneers over a tooth that is mostly made up of composite, is this a true statement? This would be on my front two teeth. I wanted to do veneers but he recommends crowns. – Judy from Washington Judy, What your dentist is telling you may or may not be right, depending on what the actual situation is with your front teeth. It’s not […]

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Is my white filling strong enough to bite on?

Hello, i just recieved 6 fillings in my top and bottom back teeth and I recieved white fillings. I am afraid to bite down on anything too hard because I also received a bonding job done on my front tooth, and I keep researching that the bonding is very easy to break, but aren’t the bonding material and filling material made of the same substance? Which makes my back teeth(my […]

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