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Why can’t my dentist get these porcelain veneers right?

Hi. Over the very long and trying course of visiting a dentist for the past 3 years, I have now have a complete mouthful of full porcelain restorations. I am not happy with the results. They are puffy, the upper incisal edge cuts into the mucosa of the area below my bottom front lip. I had temps that I loved and was assured that the lab would create almost exact […]

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Choosing Porcelain Veneers

Which brand of porcelain veneers are the best? I’m going to remake my smile and I want to get the best one possible. Brandon M.- Ft. Worth, TX Brandon, Your asking the wrong question. It isn’t the brand of porcelain veneers you want to investigate, as much as the dentist. You want a skilled, expert cosmetic dentist. Your average dentist, who places porcelain veneers, but doesn’t have a lot of […]

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