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I hate my dentures

I absolutely hate my dentures. They keep moving around. They get food under them all the time and it is hard to chew. My dentist has suggested I get dental implants, but they are really expensive. Is there anything in between the two? Andy C. – Arkansas Andy, Many patient’s hate their dentures. What you could do is get implant supported dentures.  Just getting two implants will stabalize your dentures […]

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Whitening my crowns

Can you tell me if I can whiten my dental crowns? They’ve always been fine, but then a few weeks ago they started picking up stains and getting dull. Audra W. – Baltimore Audra, I suspect that your dental hygienist used a prophy-jet or something similar that destroys the glaze on your crowns. It will do the same to porcelain veneers. She may not have realized what she did because […]

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