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Fast makeover

OK, please don’t think I am shallow, but I want to know what is the fastest way to makeover my teeth that doesn’t cost a lot of money.  I have a reunion coming up in three months. I wan’t going to go, but then thought if I can make myself over I might show up.  I don’t have much money. I can get a new haircut, buy a new outfit, […]

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My dentures move

I recently got some dentures.  They look OK, but they move around. Did my dentist make them wrong?  Is there anything I can do about that? Eugenia- Ft. Collins, CO Eugenia, Even the most well-fitting dentures will move around.  You’ll also lose about  50% of your chewing effeciency. I wouldn’t necessarily think the moving is because of a lack of skill on your dentist’s part. That being said, there is […]

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