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What is facial collapse?

My dentist told me if I got dental implants, it would lead to facial collapse. That sounds really bad, but wondered what exactly it was. Paula M. – Nevada Paula, I’m surprised your dentist would make such a statement, though accurate, without explaining it to you. Part of a dentist’s job is to make sure his patients understand what he’s talking about. Facial collapse is a term that refers to […]

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Does cost matter in porcelain veneers?

I have been thinking about getting porcelain veneers. I’ve called around to the dentists in my area. They’re all close to the same price, excpet one, who is several thousands dollars less expensive. Is it a different brand he uses that makes them less expensive? Bethany H. – South Carolina Bethany, I am going to warn you off of this. While it is possible, though only slightly, that he’s found […]

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