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My teeth look like they belong in a teaching skeleton

I just got dentures. I am not happy. They look like those kind of fake teeth you see on skeletons in a classroom. I heard they could be uncomfortable, but I thought they’d at least look like real teeth. Is there any way to make them look better? Amelia L. – Idaho Amelia, The problem isn’t with the dentures. The problem is with your dentist. Though dentures aren’t as ideal […]

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Why should my dentist care if I smoke?

I’m trying to get dental implants, but my dentist won’t place them if I’m still smoking. I say it’s none of his business if I smoke. I’m paying him, he should place the implants. Stanley W. – Arkansas Stanley, I understand your line of thinking. Your dentist is a contractor. You’ve hired him to place dental implants. He should do the job and let you worry about the statistics. Look […]

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