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Can any dentist do porcelain veneers?

I was thinking of getting porcelain veneers in order to have a better smile. Can any dentist do that or does it have to be a specialist in cosmetic dentistry? Lizzie J. – Georgia Lizzie, There isn’t such a thing as a specialist in cosmetic dentistry.  All cosmetic dentists are just general dentists who also do cosmetic work…some better than others. If you’re going to have cosmetic work done, you […]

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My new dentist has me terrified of my fillings

I moved to a new city.  I just saw my shiny new dentist for the first time.  He did my exam and expressed concern about my fillings.  I have had them for years.  I also grind my teeth. He said the combination of my old fillings with teeth grinding is putting mercury into my system. How is that possible? Chloe P. – Pennsylvania Chloe, I’m guessing, based on what you’re […]

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