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Can I fix my own denture?

I dropped my denture on the kitchen floor. Two of the teeth broke off. Is it possible for me to superglue them back on? George C. – Boston George, Please don’t try to fix your dentures yourself, especially with superglue.  You don’t want to put unnecessary chemicals in your mouth. Instead, it’s best to use the materials that have been designed to be safe in the human body. There is […]

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What if I can’t afford dental implants?

I’m needing to replace quite a few teeth. What do I do if I can’t afford dental implants? I don’t want to be stuck with dentures. I’ve seen my mother suffer through those for years. MaryAnne L. – Little Rock, AR Mary Anne, I can understand you’re not wanting to use dentures. They’re miserable for many patients.  Plus, you want to preserve as much bone structure as possible, which dentures […]

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