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Numbness from Dental Implant

I had multiple dental implants placed in my lower left side three days ago. The whole procedure was a nightmare. The dentist was running behind and it took him almost an hour to get to me. When he came in, he was in an obvious hurry. He normally puts gel on my gums and lets it sit for a while before he tries to numb me, but this time, he […]

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amalgam fillings

Is It Safe to Remove Mercury Fillings?

I have a mercury filling I want to get rid of.  When I spoke with my dentist about it, he said it was less safe to remove them than to just leave them in. Is that true? Addy – Wisconsin Addy, Removing amalgam fillings does release mercury vapors. That would be quite bad for you. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get your mercury fillings removed. You’ll just need to […]

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