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Can You Switch to Dental Implants After Getting Dentures?

I’ve had dentures for a bit. I kept thinking I’d get used to them because my dentist kept saying I would. However, I haven’t been able to. The worst part is eating. Not only does food get under the dentures but I haven’t been able to eat well since getting them. I’m hoping it’s not too late to switch to dental implants. What do you think? Franny M. Dear Franny, […]

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Help! I Look Like I Have George Washington’s Wooden Teeth

I’m in tears. I was in an accident that caused me to lose three front teeth. My dentist suggested a removable partial denture. I had no idea how fake they’d look or I’d never have agreed. My front teeth look practically wooden. Is there any other option or am I stuck with these for the rest of my life? Please help. Sandy M. Dear Sandy, Based on your question, it […]

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