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a cancer patient in a hospital bed smiling with a magazine on her lap

Helping Your Teeth Survive Cancer

A cancer diagnosis can make time stop for a moment. Will you be there when your loved ones need you? How will you get through all the treatments? Then, there is all the information being thrown at you. Chemo, radiation, stem cell treatments. It can be absolutely overwhelming. One thing which tends to get overlooked during this influx of information is what these treatments do to your mouth. Patients who’ve […]

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Beautiful smile done with porcelain veneers

Tetracycline Cases Require the Best Cosmetic Dentists

I feel like I am living a nightmare. I have pretty bad tetracycline stains that I had dreams of fixing. I suggested porcelain veneers, but my family dentist said in my case porcelain crowns are much better. My family dentist is very reputable so I trusted him. I have a great deal of regret about that now. He did six crowns. Next to my other teeth they look fake. Even […]

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