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A porcelain veneer being placed

Why Does the Cosmetic Dentist Matter if they Outsource their Ceramic Work

I’m planning on getting a smile makeover with porcelain veneers. Everyone keeps warning me that I have to choose the cosmetic dentist carefully. I would understand that if I were getting dental bonding, which the dentist does himself. But, I’m getting porcelain veneers. Isn’t that sent out to a ceramist to do the work? Why would the dentist matter? Corrie Dear Corrie, You’ve asked a good question. You’re right that […]

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upper and lower teeth showing some black traingles

Dental Bonding Disaster

I’m trying to figure out what to do. I’ve had these spaces toward the top of my teeth that look like dark triangles. I got so tired of that being the thing I see when I smile. My dentist said he could just close those spaces with dental bonding and it would be an easy fix. That has not been the case. When he first did the bonding it looked […]

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before and after mercury-free fillings

Problem with Amalgam Fillings

I had to get a dental filling. It was my first one. I’ve been with the same dentist for years, since I was a child actually. He still does those amalgam fillings. I’d asked for a white filling, but he said they’re not a good idea on back teeth. I’m wondering if I could be allergic to the filling. Ever since I had the filling placed, my cheek has been […]

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