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Why Do Dentures Get Bigger Over the Years

I’ve had dentures for quite a few years now and it seems like the longer I have them the bigger they get. Do dentures stretch out? If so, is there a way to get them back to their original size? Sandee B. Dear Sandee, It’s not your denture that is stretching. In reality, as frightening as it may sound, it is your jawbone that is shrinking. When your teeth were […]

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before and after case by Dr. Newkirk

Your Arrogance

I was very annoyed with the fact you had the arrogance to tell one of my patients I wasn’t a qualified cosmetic dentist and their Lumineers need to be redone. You told her that the bonding isn’t correct and it will ruin her teeth. Who are you to say if I’m a qualified cosmetic dentist or not? It isn’t even a recognized specialty. Name Withheld Dear Anonymous Dentist, I won’t […]

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Solution for Tetracycline Stains

I have had tetracycline stains for as long as I can remember. I am ready to do something about it. I wanted to whiten my teeth, but my dentist insists that won’t make any difference. Instead, he wants to do dental crowns, but I’m not thrilled with that. Even though my smile is ugly, my teeth are perfectly healthy. I’ve only had one cavity in my entire life. Why won’t […]

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