How to fix teeth damaged from braces

My daughter has damage to her front teeth from braces. They have suggested veneers for her in a few years. Can veneers be placed on front teeth with fillings in them and how will this affect her dental future? Very angry at how uneducated We were by the Orhtodontist and how little they monitored her teeth. Unsure how to even handle it, but know we need to research as much as we can for the future. Thank you in advance for your help.
– Kaye from Wyoming

Your situation sounds upsetting. And, on top of that, in Wyoming it may be a long drive to find a good cosmetic dentist. I wouldn’t ask your regular family dentist to do this treatment for you. Cosmetic dentistry really requires a dentist who has strong artistic inclinations, and the vast majority of dentists, while they are excellent technicians, simply aren’t artistic enough to create a beautiful smile.

I’m guessing that the damage to the teeth is from decalcification, and that you’re upset that they didn’t warn you about this and let you know partway through her treatment that this was going on. When food debris collects around the brackets, it promotes these decalcification spots which can be unsightly when the brackets are removed.

A good cosmetic dentist will want to be as conservative as possible in fixing this. Depending on the extent of the spots, she could need porcelain veneers (yes, porcelain veneers can be placed over fillings), or maybe just some direct dental bonding on just the spots.

If they are done well, porcelain veneers are conservative. They involve just shaving about 1/2 millimeter from the front of the tooth and replacing that tooth structure with enamel. There are even ultra-thin veneers available, and sometimes they can be placed without any shaving. They can last 10-20-30 years. And direct bonding would be even more conservative.

I hope this is helpful.

Can you darken porcelain veneers after they’re put on?

When veneers are TOO white, can they be darkened? I would very much appreciate an answer.
– Jack from Tennessee

No, you can’t lighten or darken porcelain veneers once they’re put on your tooth.
This is just another reason why it’s important to go to an experienced cosmetic dentist rather than your family dentist for a smile makeover. If a dentist is experienced in creating new smiles, he or she will always have a way to try out the smile design before the teeth are bonded on.

I don’t know exactly what your problem is without seeing your case, but I’m guessing you or someone close to you had porcelain veneers placed and the dentist went overboard on the white. And too white can look pasty and fake, especially if it is done by a dentist who hasn’t done many smile makeovers. An excellent cosmetic dentist will caution you if you want a result that could end up not looking natural.