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Thanks for the invaluable advice

Here is a thank you we got from Amy from Massachusetts, regarding her dental flipper question: Dear Dr. Newkirk, Thanks so much for your fast response to my dental question. The information you provided regarding the need to have a temporary “flipper” tooth installed after my tooth extraction was much more detailed than that provided by my dentist. Great service. Thanks again for your invaluable advice. – Amy from Massachusetts […]

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Do I really need this flipper temporary?

I have a missing tooth on upper right, and will be having an implant done shortly. My dentist says I need to have a “flipper partial” installed while the gum is healing from the surgery so that the teeth on either side of the dental implant don’t move while I’m waiting to have a permanent tooth installed. I’m not keen on wearing a flipper because of the discomfort since it […]

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