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Abrasions from brushing too hard

I have the abrasions and notches from brushing too hard. Will getting porcelain veneers take care of that appearance problem? Aliya- Baltimore, MD Aliya, First, let me address an incorrect premise. Dentists used to believe those notches at your gumline were caused by hard brushing. We now know that those notches are actually caused by bruxism or biting pressure from teeth grinding or clenching. This needs to be dealt with, […]

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My tooth is above my veneer

I just spent quite a fortune on my porcelain veneers and on two of my teeth there is a small line where I think my tooth is showing. I’m worried that I will get tooth decay there. My dentist says it is no big deal, but I’m not sure. Plus, I paid so much for these, I think they should have been done perfectly. Samantha H.- Illinois Samantha, I agree […]

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