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Avoiding Bulky Teeth

My best friend and I are both getting smile makeovers. She got hers done first, because her dentist could fit her in first.  My first appointment is in two days.  Her teeth do look better, but not as good as I thought they would. I actually think they’re a little bulky looking.  Is there a way to avoid that? Denae H. – El Paso, TX Denae, I’m glad you’ve written […]

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Broke my denture dancing

I’ve done something I am really embarrassed about and am hoping you can help me.  I’m old.  I’m not telling you how old. My granddaughter keeps sending me these videos of these other elderly women who are boogying to music. I wanted to surprise her by doing my own little dance routine.  I was practicing tonight and I fell. When I did, my dentures fell out and one of the […]

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