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A porcelain veneer being placed

Is my ex-wives club ripped off on their Lumineers

I have two friends who, along with me, have recently gone through a divorce. We call ourselves the ex-wives club. We decided to get our smiles re-done for a complete fresh start and a boost to our image. We’re getting Lumineers, which my dentist was thrilled to place on all of us since she recently got certified. We were equally excited, but now have some concerns.  We went in and […]

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Image of natural looking teeth with dental work

What if I have a crown, can I still get veneers?

I have a dental crown on the tooth adjacent to one of my front teeth, but I want to get porcelain veneers, my dentist said that makes it impossible to get veneers? Is it really not possible? Is there any way around it? Amber S. – Denver, CO Amber, Are you certain your dentist didn’t say you can’t have a porcelain veneer on the tooth with the crown instead of […]

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