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I Can’t Keep My Dentures In

I’m feeling a tad desperate. I’v had dentures for many years. But, now, I cannot keep it in. It moves all the time and falls out in the most embarrassing times. Is there an option to help me with this? Alexandra M. – New Jersey Alexandra, I’m sorry for what you’re going through. There is a way to fix it, but it will take some doing.  The reason  your dentures […]

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Does a dentist have the right to refuse service?

I wanted to get dental implants, but my dentist is refusing. He says it is because I have diabetes and smoke. Is my life my business. He said he might be willing to help if I quit smoking, but absolutely refuses to treat me if I don’t. What gives him that right? Joseph S. – Conway, AR Joseph, Your dentist understands that dental implants is a difficult procedure under the […]

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