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Beautiful brunette smiling with gorgeous white teeth

Can porcelain veneers make a gummy smile pretty?

When I decided to get porcelain veneers, I told my dentist what I was wanting. I was especially concerned with how much of my gums you can see when I smile. When the procedure was done, the veneers themselves looked fine, but my gums were the same, and actually looked a little worse to me because now they look uneven. He says the veneers are beautiful and I’m being one […]

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Beautiful White Teeth

Can I whiten just one tooth?

I have a crown on one tooth. It has started picking up stains.  I have had it for quite some time, so that’s not suprise. I don’t want to pay to whiten all my teeth, just the crown, but wondered if you can just whiten one tooth? Monica M. – Atlanta, Georgia Monica, When you whiten teeth, you whiten an entire arch. However, you’re not asking about a natural tooth. […]

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