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Ilustration of a dental implant crown being placed in three stages

Can Dental Implants Make You Numb?

I think I caught my dentist on a bad day and it has caused some problems. Normally, he’s very patient and gentle, but the day I came in for my dental implant, he came  bursting through the door in a rush and obviously upset. He didn’t take time to numb me much before my injection, which normally he does because he knows I get anxious. He just jabbed me. It […]

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What Kind of Dentist Does a Toothache Need?

If I have a toothache, that’s not on the tooth, but in the gums, what is the best dentist to go to a regular dentist or a root canal dentist? Morgan Morgan, At this point, the best dentist for you to see would be a general dentist (also known as a family dentist). Your dentist will do some diagnositic tests to determine what is really going on. Sometimes injury or […]

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