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Is Nail Polish Remover Safe on Dentures?

I’ve had the same pair of dentures for about six years now. I haven’t had many issues with them,  aside from some adjustments in the beginning, but lately I’ve noticed they’re starting to pick up my cigarette stains more than usual. I tried brushing them, but it didn’t seem to help. Last weekend, I had an outing with my family and, in my haste to make them look nicer, I […]

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If I Get Dentures Will I Look Like an Old Person?

I was thinking about getting dentures.  I have to replace my teeth. They’re all coming out because of an accident. My dentist says they  can’t be saved. If I get dentures, will it make me look old? Nina A. – Portland Nina, You won’t have to look like an old person just because you get dentures. The biggest thing to determine that will be the quality of the cosmetic dentist […]

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