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Can Amalgam Fillings Give Me High Blood Pressure?

I was shocked at my last doctor’s appointment to discover I have high blood pressure. This has never happened to me before. I’m healthy. I’m active. I eat right. I don’t have any family history of high blood pressure. Yet, my doctor still wants to put me on medicine to control it. I told him I’d like to wait a bit and decided to do some research. I’ve read there […]

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Will Lumineers Look Fake?

I’m dying to get a smile makeover. I mentioned Lumineers to my dentist because I’d seen them advertised and they looked like they can completely change my smile. But, my dentist said people can tell when you’re wearing them and I should get crowns instead because they cover the whole tooth. I’m a tad bit concerned about that. It seems like I’d be destroying healthy tooth structure to do that. […]

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