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Is My Dentist or My Filling the Problem?

I’m trying to figure out where the problem lies. I wanted a white filling instead of a silver one. I know it sounds vain, but I’m tired of obvious fillings and wanted something that matched my teeth. I told my dentist. He wasn’t too keen on the idea and told me they have problems. None of my friends with white fillings seem to have problems with them, so I decided […]

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Image of mercury-free composite filings

Nephew Still Getting Mercury Fillings in Violation of Treaty

Can you help me understand this? I read on a natural news site a couple of years ago that the US signed a treaty agreeing to phase out the use of mercury. People were having to petition the FDA because no one was taking any action. Yet, today, my sister tells me that her pediatric dentist wants to place a mercury filled filling on her son. Haven’t we dealt with […]

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