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Implant Overdentures

What Are Implant Dentures?

I have heard of dental implants and I’ve heard of dentures, but what are implant dentures? I’m losing quite a bit of teeth because of a car accident. I don’t think I can afford dental implants but I’m too young for dentures (26). So is this a midway thing? Lara K. Dear Lara, I’m very sorry about your accident and that you’ve been put in the position of replacing your […]

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Traveling for Better Dental Implants

I have a question about traveling for dental implants. I’m not referring to tourism dentistry, which I know is dangerous, but rather within the United States. There aren’t any great options for dentists who do dental implants in my area. Most of them don’t have a very high success rate. I’ve done some research and there’s a dentist in my sister’s area who’s an extraordinary dentist, both in cosmetics and […]

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