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Should All My Son’s Teeth Be Removed

My son is 25 years old. He’s in recovery for drug addiction. He’s doing really well in his recovery and now we’re trying to get the rest of him into shape. I’m writing to you specifically about his mouth. It’s a complete mess. We’ve already taken out six teeth while he was in rehab. He’s home now and we’re going to our family dentist now. He wants to remove the […]

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dental implant illustration

Should a Dentist Cover the Cost of Grafting for a Dental Implant?

I went in for a consultation with my dentist to find out if I could get a dental implant and what the cost would be. I lost the tooth about ten years ago and the dentist said that I had lost some bone in the area, so I would need grafting on top of everything else. After reading information about the procedure, I’ve learned that the dentist could have treated […]

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Vampire teeth done with dental bonding

Vampire Teeth for Halloween

With Halloween coming up I am planning my costume. I am going as a vampire and thought that, instead of getting those cheap, uncomfortable, not to mention fake-looking costume teeth, I could go all out and get Lumineers for just those teeth and then have them removed after the holiday. Is this do-able? Jay Dear Jay, This is a request dentists get every year at this time. It can be […]

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